Commonly asked questions

When is the best time during my pregnancy to take the course?

The best time to take the course is after 28 weeks of pregnancy. You will have plenty of time to watch all the lessons and read all the handouts before you are going into labour. Before that time I would not recommend it, because your memory weakens during your pregnancy and most of the info will fade away.

I took the lessons of chapter 3. Now I would like to buy chapter 2.

Go to the top right and choose the option Subscriptions. Here you can choose any chapter you want to purchase.

I do not receive an confirmation e-mail after payment.

Sometimes the confirmation mail ends up in your Spam folder. Especially G-mail accounts are prone to this.

Can we take a private weekend course?

Yes, you can. Please contact me for the possibilities via e-mail. Course data we will then pick together

There is a course for a planned cesarean. According top my midwife I will be going to deliver naturally. Do I need to take the c-section course just in case?

During the complete course I will explain what happens when you need an urgent c-section during your labour. This means that you are already in labour, but sometimes the gynecologist decides midway that you need a c-section right than. If you have a planned c-section, you don’t need to know about dilating or pushing. Therefor I made a seperate chapter for planned c-sections.

My first labour was via planned c-section. Which course should I take this time?

If the reason that you had a planned c-section the first time was due to wrong position of the child or the placenta, there will be no reason for you why you can not deliver vaginally this time. If you had a C-section during labour the first time, take the lessons in the cahpters that you did not reach last time. so if you had a C-section during dilating, take the lessons about pushing etc, because that will be new territory for you this time around.

If you had a C-section early on in your dilating stage, then I would advise you to take the complete course. Your body will in this case respond like it is your first natural delivery.

My first child was born 6 years ago. Is the refresher course ok for me, or should I take the complete course?

Nature works in such a way that you forget the things that are not that pleasant. You slowly forget how your delivery went. If your memory is faded, then it is wise to take the complete course. If your memory of the first delivery is still strong, you can take the refreshe course.

When my partner and I take the weekend course, do we get the same information as via the online course?

During the weekend course I will give you the same information, but there will be more time to talk about subject you have questions about, or to practice  together on your breathing techniques.

I took chapter 1, but now I want to take the complete course. Can I switch by paying extra?

No, that is not possible. The system works in such a way that you have to decide in advance. There are 2 options for you now. Or you buy the complete course and start for the beginning, or you buy chapter 2 and 3 seperately.

Will the course course be payed for by my insurance company?

In general, your insurance company will not cover pregnancy courses. Some will do it when you have a high couverage package. It is wise to check in advance what you can expect.

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